Wabi-Sabi Copenhagen Plate

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Snuggling in bed with a warm cup of matcha; hours passing in a blur in the company of old friends, just talking and laughing over the littlest things; afternoons spent labouring in the kitchen to see the smiles on my family’s faces as they dig in. I think I’ve found what 'Hygge' is, what Scandis mean when they say this cosy spirit is their way of life. The Copenhagen Plate is a classic design in a stunning matte white finish with a rim. We love it for plating pastries, and as a display for our trinkets and jewelry.

Colour: Matte Textured White 

  • Half Plate: 21cm diameter with a rim 
  • Full Plate: 27cm diameter with a rim 

Material: Ceramic

Olive Wabi-Sabi: Featuring one of a kind, perfectly imperfect pieces handcrafted by our potters, as we journey towards a zero-waste way of life.