Kyoto Gift Set

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A spectrum of greens blankets Kyoto's streets, the mountainous landscape turning into a riot of reds and yellows in autumn. The Arashiyama Bamboo Groves in western Kyoto is our inspiration behind this collection’s title. Beneath the soaring bamboo, watching the sage green stalks sway in the breeze, a cool stillness to the air makes the place seem almost otherworldly.

Set includes: 1 mug, 1 bowl and 3 plates (Dinner, Appetizer, Dessert).

Colour: Sage Green
Material: Ceramic

Mug: 9cm diameter x 12cm height
Bowl: 14.5 cm diameter x 6cm height
Plate (Dessert): 12cm diameter x 2cm height
Plate (Appetizer): 14cm diameter x 3.5cm height 
Plate (Dinner): 20cm diameter x 2.5cm height 

Note: Colour variation within the set is due to the handmade nature, no exchanges will be made due to colour.

Care Instructions: Ceramics are dishwasher and microwave safe, except the mug with the wooden handle.