Isle of Skye Plate

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The sky was dark, surroundings silent. There was no visible light for miles. Above us, stars twinkled, some softly, gently, while others beamed bright. More than I had ever seen, every part of the sky dense with glinting specks; secrets of the universe spilled across a midnight canvas.

A midnight blue base painted with delicate white flecks, the glossy Skye Plate encapsulates that night under the stars, a view I will never forget. This is a showstopper you'll want in your home, to bring out fancier occasions, as a table centrepiece or as a piece on your vanity.

Colour: Midnight Blue-black base, marble white detailing, glossy finish
Dimensions: 22cm diameter 
Material: Ceramic

Note: Pattern variation is due to the handmade nature.