Fuji Mug

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The first glimpse I caught of Mount Fuji was from the plane, of its snow-covered crater emerging from the thick blanket of clouds. In person the sight of the mountain is even more immense. Surrounded by trees blooming in spring and grounds stained pink by fluttering cherry blossoms, the place is something out of a fairy tale. The pebble grey of the Fuji collection paints an image of the mountain against a clear azure sky, its imposing figure mirrored perfectly on the lake.

The Fuji Mug doubles-up as a smart desk accessory, while the two-tone design and wooden handle lend a softer impression.

Colour: Pebble Grey/ Midnight Blue

Dimensions: Mug: 9cm diameter x 12cm height; Coaster: 12cm diameter x 2cm height

Volume: 300ml

Material: Ceramic and Wood