Santorini Bowl

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Santorini is breath-taking from any vantage point. Buildings crown the island’s cliffs like ice caps of the Alps, an expanse of white speckled with blues of domed churches and the occasional pastel exterior. The textured surface of the Santorini collection is reminiscent of the stone walls of the island’s architecture, of buildings weathered but more postcard-perfect for it.

Crafted from white stone with textured black flecks, the Santorini collection reminds us of the rustic, weathered architecture on the island.

Serve the house specials with a modern flair. This perfectly-sized white bowl is a versatile essential for main dishes such as noodles.

Colour: Crisp white with black flecks
Dimensions: 19cm diameter x 7cm height (large) 16cm diameter x 6cm height (medium)
Material: Speckled Ceramic